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This is the list of all farm animals (and spoken facts) kids will have to discover in the free app.

Bee Bee
The bee lives in a hive and makes honey.
By carrying pollen, bees help flowers to grow.
Donkey Donkey
The donkey is able to rotate its big ears in all directions.
A donkey's braying can be heard very far away.
Lamb Lamb
The lamb's mother is a ewe and its father is a ram.

The baby duck is called a duckling.
Ducklings follow their mother in single file.

Cat Cat
The cat can see very well at night.
Cats purr when they are stroked.
Horse Horse
The horse flattens its ears when it is angry.
Horses trot, canter and gallop.
Goat Goat
Goats like climbing.
The baby goat is called a kid.
Dog Dog
A dog barks.
A dog's sensitive nose allows it to follow a very precise smell.
Sheepdogs are able to manage a flock of sheep on their own.
Pig Pig
The pig is very greedy: it eats everything it is given.
A pig uses its snout to find roots and worms in the earth.
Rooster Rooster
The rooster has a red crest on its head.
The rooster crows to show that it is the strongest.
Turkey Turkey
The turkey eats seeds as well as insects.
The turkey's call is known as a gobble.
Frog Frog
The frog's baby is called a tadpole and lives in the water.
The frog's call is called a croak.
Owl Owl
On its head, the owl has feathers that look like ears.
The owl hunts at night and does not make any noise when it flies.
Rabbit Rabbit
The rabbit likes carrots.
The rabbit is always nibbling to wear down its teeth.
The rabbit's teeth are growing all the time.
Sheep Sheep
The sheep's wool is shorn to make pullovers.
When a sheep runs away, all the others follow.
Some sheep have horns, others do not have any.
Goose Goose
The goose's father is called a gander.
Goose feathers are used to make pillows and duvets.
Magpie Magpie
The magpie like things that shine.
Sometimes, magpies steal things and take them back to their nests.
Foal Foal
When it is born, a foal stands up very quickly.
A foal's mother is a mare and its father is a stallion.
Hen Hen
Hens are able to lay eggs every day.
Hens cannot see at night.
Hens sit on their eggs to keep them warm.
Chick Chick
The chick uses its beak to get out of the egg.
It takes about 20 days for the chick to leave its egg.
Fox Fox
The fox eats everything: mice, frogs and also fruit.
The fox digs burrows in the earth where it can sleep.
Mouse Mouse
The mouse slips into small holes.
Mice prefer seeds to cheese.
Turtle Turtle
The turtle has a shell on its back.
When it is frightened, the turtle puts its head and legs in its shell.
Cow Cow
The baby cow is called a calf.
Cows produce milk.

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