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Animals of Asia

This is the list of all animals of Asia (and spoken facts) kids will have to discover in the app.

Tiger Tiger
The tiger's stripes serve as camouflage.
The tiger is a good swimmer.
Panda Panda
The panda eats bamboo.
The panda likes to swing in the branches of trees.
Red panda Red panda
The red panda is also called the little panda.
The red panda is able to use its claws to climb down trees headfirst.
Elephant Elephant
The Asian elephant is smaller than the African elephant.
The Asian elephant has small ears.

The Indian rhinoceros does not have a horn.
The rhinoceros has very good hearing.

Orangutan Orangutan
The orangutan is the largest animal that lives in the trees.
The orangutan lives on the island of Borneo.
The orangutan makes nests to sleep in.
Proboscis monkey Proboscis monkey
The nose of the proboscis monkey sometimes reaches as far down as its chin.
The proboscis monkey is a good swimmer.
Red-crowned Crane Red-crowned Crane
The red-crowned crane is one of the largest birds in the world.
Snow leopard Snow leopard
The snow leopard's thick fur protects it from the cold.
The snow leopard has fur under its paws to protect them in the snow.
Saiga Saiga
The nose of the saiga resembles a trunk.
Clouded leopard Clouded leopard
The clouded leopard has marks similar to clouds.
The clouded leopard lives in the trees and leaps from branch to branch.
Camel Camel
The camel lives in the cold deserts and the mountains of Asia.
The camel is able to survive for ten days without food or water.
Yak Yak
The yak has a long woollen coat to protect it from the cold.
Gharial Gharial
The gharial is a crocodile with a very long narrow snout.
Tapir Tapir
The Mayalan tapir likes swimming.
The Malayan tapir has a large white mark on its back.
Water buffalo Water buffalo
The water buffalo lives in marshes.
The water buffalo spends plenty of time in the water to protect itself from the heat and from insects.
Pangolin Pangolin
The pangolin eats insects.
Peafowl Peafowl
When the peafowl unfurls its feathers, it is said that it is making a wheel.
Sun bear Sun bear
The sun bear likes to sleep on branches in the sun.
The sun bear is the smallest bear.
Caracal Caracal
The caracal sometimes catches several birds at the same time.
The caracal has very good hearing thanks to its long ears.
Hornbill Hornbill
The hornbill's casque allows it to sing very loudly.
Langur Langur
In India, langurs are often found in towns.
The langur eats leaves, flowers and fruit.
Python Python
The python is able to eat animals much larger than itself.
The python is a very good swimmer.
Tarsier Tarsier
The tarsier's has suction pads at the tip of its long fingers allowing it to hold on to things.
The tarsier does not know how to walk: it leaps from branch to branch.