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Dinosaurs world 3

This is the list of all dinosaurs (and spoken facts) kids will have to discover in this iPad / iPhone game.

Special thanks to Raul Lunia (Dinoraul) for his great 3D dinosaurs models!

The Allosaurus The Allosaurus
Allosaurus means "different lizard" because its skeleton is different from that of other dinosaurs from the same era.
The Allosaurus can grab prey with its big arms and three clawed fingers.
The Archaeopteryx The Archaeopteryx
Archaeopteryx means "ancient wing" because we think this was one of the first birds to have existed.
The Archaeopteryx is a small, feathered dinosaur which has to climb trees and throw itself from the branches to take flight.
The Centrosaurus The Centrosaurus
Centrosaurus means "pointed lizard" because they have a small row of little horns all along their frills.
The Centrosaurus is a herbivore and lives in a herd several dozen strong.
The Compsognathus The Compsognathus
Compsognathus means "dainty jaw". This dinosaur feeds on lizards and insects.
The Compsognathus is a very small dinosaur and runs very fast.
The Dilong The Dilong
Dilong means "Emperor dragon" in Chinese.
The Dilong is very small but is one of the ancestors of the enormous Tyrannosaurus!
The Dilophosaurus The Dilophosaurus
Dilophosaurus means "two-crested lizard".
The Dilophosaurus has very thin teeth and prefers to use its claws to kill prey.
The Diplodocus The Diplodocus
Diplodocus means "double beam" because of the shape of some of the bones in its tail.
The Diplodocus uses this long tail like a whip to defend itself!
The Estemmenosuchus The Estemmenosuchus
Estemmenosuchus means "crowned crocodile" because the horns on its head look like a crown!
The Estemmenosuchus is the size of a bull and is thought to eat mainly grass. It lived before the dinosaurs.
The Giganotosaurus The Giganotosaurus
Giganotosaurus means "giant southern lizard".
The Giganotosaurus is bigger than the Tyrannosaurus and its head is twice as big as that of an Allosaurus!
The Gigantspinosaurus The Gigantspinosaurus
Gigantspinosaurus means "giant-spined lizard" because it has enormous spines on its shoulders.
The Gigantspinosaurus is the size of a man and eats plants.
The Lambeosaurus The Lambeosaurus
Lambeosaurus means "Lambe's lizard"; Lambe is the name of the person who discovered it.
The Lambeosaurus is enormous and can move around on two or four legs.
The Maiasaura The Maiasaura
Maiasaura means "caring mother lizard" because it looks after its young so well.
Maiasaura live in big herds and stick together to defend nests from predators.
The Majungasaurus The Majungasaurus
Majungasaurus means "Mahajanga lizard" after the name of the region of Madagascar where it lived.
Majungasaurus are cannibals; sometimes they even try to eat each other!
The Mononykus The Mononykus
Mononykus means "one claw" because it has just one claw at the end of its arm!
The Mononykus is a small dinosaur that runs very fast and feeds off small animals.
The Ouranosaurus The Ouranosaurus
Ouranosaurus means "brave lizard".
The Ouranosaurus has a large "sail" on its back which it uses to regulate its temperature.
The Pachyrhinosaurus The Pachyrhinosaurus
Pachyrhinosaurus means "thick-nosed lizard".
The Pachyrhinosaurus is enormous and instead of horns on its skulls it has a huge, hard boss.
The Prestosuchus The Prestosuchus
Prestosuchus means "fast crocodile" and it lived before the dinosaurs.
Thanks to its big paws, the prestosuchus could cover ground fast to chase other animals.
The Psittacosaurus The Psittacosaurus
Psittacosaurus means "parrot lizard" because it has a beak like a parrot's.
The Psittacosaurus is a little dinosaur but it is part of the same family as the mighty Triceratops!
The Quetzalcoatlus The Quetzalcoatlus
The name "Quetzalcoatlus" is a reference to an Aztec feathered serpent god.
The Quetzalcoatlus is more than 15 metres long; it is the biggest animal to have ever flown on Earth!
The Rhamphorhynchus The Rhamphorhynchus
Rhamphorhynchus means "beak snout".
The Rhamphorhynchus catches fish with its long jaw by skimming the water's surface.
The Stegoceras The Stegoceras
Stegoceras means "horned roof" because the top of its head is rounded.
The stegoceras looks like a mini pachycephalosaurus; it is no more than a metre high.
The Suchomimus The Suchomimus
Suchomimus means "crocodile mimic" because its mouth looks strangely like that of a crocodile and it eats fish.
The Suchomimus looks a lot like its cousin, the Spinosaurus, but does not have spines along its back.
The Torosaurus The Torosaurus
Torosaurus means "perforated lizard" because it has large holes in its frill.
The Torosaurus, like its close cousin the Triceratops, can cut through any vegetation with its powerful beak.
The Udanoceratops The Udanoceratops
Udanceratops means "Udan-Sayr horn face" after the village in Mongolia where it was discovered.
The Udanoceratops is a herbivore the size of a small rhinoceros and can stand up on its hind legs.

Dinosaurs world 2

This is the list of all dinosaurs (and spoken facts) kids will have to discover in this iPad / iPhone game.

Special thanks to Raul Lunia (Dinoraul) for his great 3D dinosaurs models!

Altirhinus Altirhinus
Altirhinus means "high nose" because its snout ends in a big bump that looks like a big nose!
The altirhinus looks a lot like an iguanodon, and it eats plants like the iguanadon too.
Amargasaurus Amargasaurus
Amargasaurus means "Amarga lizard", named after the region in Argentina where the first fossils of this dinosaur were found.
The amargasaurus has funny sorts of ridges on its neck and back. These may have served to scare off its enemies.
Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus
Ankylosaurus means "fused lizard" because it has armour covering its head and back.
The ankylosaurus has a sort of beak for cutting vegetation.
Archelon Archelon
The archelon is the biggest sea turtle that has ever lived. It measures more than four metres in length and weighs more than two tonnes!
The archelon has no teeth. It feeds on jelly fish and plants.
Arthropleura Arthropleura
Arthropleura means "jointed ribs".
The arthropleura, which lived before dinosaurs, looks like an enormous millipede more than three metres long!
Ceratosaurus Ceratosaurus
Ceratosaurus means "horned lizard" because it has a sort of rounded bump on its nose.
With its powerful paws and its great head, the ceratosaurus is one of the most ferocious of all dinosaurs!
Desmatosuchus Desmatosuchus
The desmatosuchus is from the same family as crocodiles but it eats plants and roots.
The desmatosuchus has great spikes on its sides to protect it from predators.
Dimorphodon Dimorphodon
Dimorphodon means "two-formed tooth" because it has pointed teeth in the front of its jaw and flat ones at the back.
The dimorphodon can crawl on land and its long tail helps it balance.
Diplocaulus Diplocaulus
The diplocaulus has a funny head in the shape of a boomerang!
Its flattened head enables the diplocaulus to slide into the water more easily.
Eurhinosaurus Eurhinosaurus
Eurhinosaurus means "well-nosed lizard".
The eurhinosaurus has a funny sort of a jaw; the upper part is twice as big as the lower part.
Kentrosaurus Kentrosaurus
Kentrosaurus means "spiked lizard" because it has really pointy spikes down its back to protect it.
The kentrosaurus is from the same family as the stegosaurus but is smaller.
Liopleurodon Liopleurodon
The liopleurodon is huge and has four fins; two at the front and two at the back.
The liopleurodon is very heavy. It cannot move on land.
Masiakasaurus Masiakasaurus
Masiakasaurus means "vicious lizard".
The teeth of the masiakasaurus point forwards so that it can catch its prey more easily.
Megalodon Megalodon
Megalodon means "big tooth".
The megalodon is three times bigger than the biggest great white sharks of today!
Meganeura Meganeura
The meganeura looks like a giant dragonfly.
The meganeura is one of the biggest flying insects that has ever existed; it measures more than 70 cm in length.
Microceratops Microceratops
Microceratops means "small head with horns" and it is one of the smallest dinosaurs we know of.
The microceratops runs very fast up on its hind legs.
Nothosaurus Nothosaurus
The nothosaurus lives like the seals of today: it hunts in water and rests on land.
The nothosaurus hunts fish using its long neck and sharp teeth.
Olorotitan Olorotitan
Olorotitan means "giant swan".
The olorotitan has a funny crest on its head which looks like a fan.
Pentaceratops Pentaceratops
Pentaceratops means "five-horned face": two above the eyes, one at the end of the snout and two fake horns on the sides.
The pentaceratops' head is protected by an enormous shield more than three metres big which ends in spikes.
Placodus Placodus
Placodus means "flat tooth". Its flat teeth enable it to eat shellfish and crustaceans.
The placodus lives in deep waters and moves slowly on land.
Pterodactylus Pterodactylus
Pterodactylus means "winged fingers" because its wings are fixed onto its fingers.
The pterodactylus is much smaller than its cousin, the pteranodon; it has a wingspan of less than a metre.
Tanystropheus Tanystropheus
The tanystropheus has a neck as long as its body and its tail put together!
Thanks to its long neck, the tanystropheus can stay on land to fish and still surprise its prey in the water.
Therizinosaurus Therizinosaurus
Therizinosaurus means "scythe lizard" because its three fingers end in enormous claws a metre long.
The therizinosaurus feeds on plants which it gathers in trees thanks to these long claws.
Torvosaurus Torvosaurus
Torvosaurus means "savage lizard"
The torvosaurus is the size of a tyrannosaurus and feeds on large prey.

Prehistoric animals

This is the list of all dinosaurs (and spoken facts) kids will have to discover in this iPad / iPhone game.

Special thanks to Raul Lunia (Dinoraul) for his great 3D dinosaurs models!

Brontotherium Brontotherium
Brontotherium means "thunder beast".
The Brontotherium looked like a huge rhinoceros.
Deinotherium Deinotherium
Deinotherium means "terrible beast".
The Deinotherium's tusks grew downwards.
Doedicurus Doedicurus
The Doedicurus looks like an enormous armadillo.
The tail of the Doedicurus was tipped with long spikes.
Macrauchenia Macrauchenia
Macrauchenia means "long llama" and it was the size of a camel.
The Macrauchenia had a long neck and a short trunk.
Paraceratherium Paraceratherium
The Paraceratherium is an enormous rhinoceros without a horn.
The Paraceratherium is also called the "giraffe rhinoceros".
Smilodon Smilodon
Smilodon means "chisel tooth".
The Smilodon is also called the "Sabre-toothed cat".
Mammoth Mammoth
The Mammoth used its long tusks to search in the snow for grass to eat.
With its long coat, the mammoth was well adapted to the cold.
Woolly Rhinoceros Woolly Rhinoceros
The Woolly Rhinoceros lived in Europe and Asia where it was very cold at the time.
The Woolly Rhinoceros was the same size as the present-day rhinoceros.
Caveman Caveman
Cavemen lived in caves and drew mammoth and rhinoceros on the walls.
Prehistoric man did not know the dinosaurs. He appeared much later.
Daeodon Daeodon
Daeodon means "destructive teeth".
The Daeodon looked like a wild boar the size of a rhinoceros!
Uintatherium Uintatherium
The Uintatherium had a huge head but a very small brain!
The Uintatherium had two large canines and small horns on its head.
Arsinoitherium Arsinoitherium
The Arsinoitherium was the size of a rhinoceros and had an enormous pair of horns.
Just behind its two great horns, the Arsinoitherium had two little horns.
Cronopio Cronopio
The Cronopio was also known as the Sabre-Toothed Squirrel.
The Cronopio lived during the same period as the dinosaurs.
Eohippus Eohippus
The Eohippus is an ancestor of the horse.
The Eohippus was about the size of a dog.
Cave Lion Cave Lion
Cave Lions were much bigger than lions we have today.
Cave Lions lived off bison and Megaloceros.
Phorusrhacos Phorusrhacos
The Phorusrhacos was a prehistoric bird that could not fly but ran very fast.
The Phorusrhacos was a carnivore. Its big pointed beak meant it could catch small prey.
Arctodus Arctodus
The Arctodus is one of the biggest bears to have ever lived on Earth - even bigger than the cave bear!
The Arctodus was an omnivore: it ate everything and frightened other animals away because it was so big.
Darwinius Darwinius
The Darwinius had a thumb like us and nails instead of claws.
The Darwinius lived in trees and ate fruit.
Megatherium Megatherium
The Megatherium was a giant as big as an elephant!
The Megatherium could stand on its hind legs and lean on its huge tail to grab leaves with its long claws.
Platybelodon Platybelodon
The Platybelodon is an ancestor of the elephant.
The Platybelodon's trunk ended in two flat tusks which it used like a shovel to find food on the ground!
Titanoboa Titanoboa
The Titanoboa is the biggest snake to have ever live on Earth. It was 15 metres long and weighted two tonnes.
The Titanoboa must have eaten big fish and crocodiles, like anacondas do nowadays.
Acherontisuchus Acherontisuchus
The Acherontisuchus was an enormous crocodile that lived in the rivers of tropical forests.
Despite its size, the Acherontisuchus could still be attacked by the Titanoboa which was twice as big!
Megaloceros Megaloceros
The Megaloceros was a giant elk with enormous antlers which it would shed every year and then grow again.
Because of the size of its antlers, the Megaloceros lived in the prairies and not in the forests.
Hyaenodon Hyaenodon
Hyaenodon means "Hyena Tooth".
The Hyaenodon ran very fast and sometimes hunted in packs.

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