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Latest rating and reviews on App Stores

5.00 Great Game (Amazon AppShop, Friday, 29 June 2018)
Awesome. Son loves it.
5.00 Worth it ! (Amazon AppShop, Tuesday, 26 June 2018)
I purchased the very first Find Them All and my children loved it, now they are tweens and I am getting the newest ones for their little sister. Many developers don't keep up with updates but these do and, as a Mom, I really appreciate that. Highly recommend.
5.00 Fun (Apple AppStore, Saturday, 02 June 2018)
My son is obsessed with this app! 😊
5.00 - (Google Play, Saturday, 10 February 2018)
This is a great game with lots of different and surprising functions. I enjoy taking pictures and making puzzles. There are a lot of characters to find. Thanks!
5.00 Thumbs up (Apple AppStore, Saturday, 03 February 2018)
My son enjoys this game very much.
5.00 Great app for kids of all ages! (Apple AppStore, Friday, 02 February 2018)
I take out this app for my grandson when we are waiting for an appointment or for long rides in the car. He loves how the sounds help him discover the correct one!
5.00 Son adores this app (Apple AppStore, Wednesday, 31 January 2018)
My 9 year old is on the spectrum and loves this app!! He’s learned so much from it...
4.00 Great game (Apple AppStore, Wednesday, 31 January 2018)
Both my six year old and three year old love this game. They especially like all of the different worlds they can discover.
5.00 My kids favorite game (Apple AppStore, Saturday, 20 January 2018)
So much fun!
5.00 Beautiful app (Apple AppStore, Monday, 08 January 2018)
The colors and characters are delightful
5.00 Fun Game (Apple AppStore, Sunday, 07 January 2018)
My kids love this game and all of the different characters
5.00 Five Stars (Amazon AppShop, Wednesday, 20 December 2017)
Good game
3.00 - (Google Play, Wednesday, 08 November 2017)
It's a pretty good game
5.00 - (Google Play, Saturday, 21 October 2017)
My son loves your games, we've bought them all :) hope to see some new stuff from you guys soon
5.00 Awesome (Apple AppStore, Sunday, 10 September 2017)
Love it
5.00 - (Google Play, Sunday, 27 August 2017)
My kids love this game!
5.00 Son loves this game (Apple AppStore, Monday, 07 August 2017)
My son loves this game and has loved playing it for awhile now. Educational and great! Highly recommend for a young boy/girl!
5.00 Fun app (Apple AppStore, Sunday, 16 July 2017)
My daughter enjoys finding all the characters.
4.00 Fun Game! (Apple AppStore, Monday, 03 July 2017)
My grandkids love this game!
5.00 Fun! (Amazon AppShop, Saturday, 24 June 2017)
Cute game and lovely graphics.
5.00 Nice app (Apple AppStore, Sunday, 04 June 2017)
Nice app for children
3.00 - (Google Play, Saturday, 03 June 2017)
Full of fairy tales and legend
5.00 Fun app (Apple AppStore, Wednesday, 10 May 2017)
My son is 7 years old and loves this search game.
5.00 - (Google Play, Tuesday, 28 March 2017)
My son loves these apps
5.00 Great game (Apple AppStore, Sunday, 26 February 2017)
My 3 year old loves all these games.
5.00 - (Google Play, Tuesday, 07 February 2017)
My son loves everything
5.00 - (Google Play, Tuesday, 07 February 2017)
My son loves everything